New Hampshire School Social Workers Association

Our Dedication

The New Hampshire School Social Workers’ Association is the only professional association dedicated solely to the visibility and viability of School Social Work and the students and families that they serve. Coming from a strengths-based perspective, school social workers provide an ecological approach to insuring student success. They assist children and families by examining those factors in the home, school and/or community that are impacting a student’s educational success and then assist in reducing those barriers to learning. School Social Workers function within the school setting to strengthen the social/ emotional well being of all students in order to enhance academic and personal goals.

Association Goals
• Representing, enhancing and protecting our pro- fession.
• Advocating for high quality services for student learners.
• Promoting professional development.
• Encouraging school social work research and facilitating resource sharing.
• Interpreting and promoting the role of school so- cial work within school systems and their com- munities.
• Disseminating school social work information in the State.